Design & Creative

From a simple logo design to a full-blown multimedia campaign, the germ of an idea bears fruit here. Design & Creative encompasses layout, graphic design, illustration, computer graphics, copywriting, art direction, photography, digital imaging, storyboarding, website design and a great deal of brainstorming.

The result? A proven concept ready for implementation in the next phase of your project.

Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

With decades of experience as Creative Problem Solvers, we can add new life to an existing advertising campaign or website, or plan the complete marketing and promotion strategy of your new product(s) or service(s) from the moment of creation. We can help bring your corporate I.D. program into the 21st Century or create one from scratch. Careful research and development aid in the creation of a complete strategy for print, broadcast, direct mail and/or internet exposure, or the careful integration of new components into an existing marketing agenda.

Animation & Video

Once available only to the largest firms with the deepest pockets, Animation & Video are now within reach for even the small- or medium-sized business with a modest budget. We have the capability to bring your product(s) and idea(s) to color and in motion.


For print materials, Pre-Press ensures that "what-you-see-is-what-you-get." Here, scanning, imposition (digital stripping), formatting, text and graphics conversion, final output, proofs and/or bluelines and retouching are prepared with client approval and to the vendor's specifications for a seamless transition from computer screen or sketch to printed page.


Many clients prefer a turnkey solution for printed collateral materials, and we satisfy this need by offering Printing as a value-added service. We have established relationships with a select number of high-quality printers throughout the United States, and we utilize their expertise in specific areas of production to maximize their value to our clients. Each quote is tailored to the needs of the project and the client, balancing the need to remain within budget and the desire to achieve the finest quality product possible. And our clients benefit from our management of the entire project from inception through delivery of the final printed piece.

The Bottom Line

If quality, creativity, originality, enthusiasm, value, service and results are important to you, you're just the type of client we're looking for. Call Bill Wilson at 813.960.9318 or contact us here.