Wilson-Lewis-Wilson Design's creative core offers fresh perspectives on creative challenges, representing decades of experience in nearly all phases of Advertising and Graphic Design: Illustration, Marketing and Promotion, Computer Graphics, Photography, Digital Imaging, Video Production, Animation, Copywriting, Print Production, Publication Development and Website Design.

An extensive familiarity with various related environments – advertising agencies, printing firms, magazine and newspaper offices and art studios – enables us to provide a variety of services to our clients while still remaining competitive with even the largest firms.

Client and Project Diversity

Our client list exemplifies this variety of service and expertise:

  • retail sales companies
  • museums
  • educational organizations
  • hospitals and home health care organizations
  • shopping malls
  • caterers
  • fashion designers
  • video production and marketing companies
  • container manufacturers

With this diversity in creative challenges we have produced:

  • marketing and promotional campaigns
  • logo designs & corporate I.D.
  • websites & animations
  • newspaper ad inserts
  • magazine advertising
  • video collateral materials
  • posters
  • brochures
  • medical manuals
  • press kits and releases
  • television commercials
  • interactive games

We have had the opportunity to work on major projects for:

  • Hanes
  • The Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • The Ford Foundation
  • ABR
  • Chevron
  • IBM
  • I.C.I.
  • Holiday Inns
  • The American Egg Board
  • Texaco
  • Planters/ Lifesavers
  • The California Egg Commission


Award-winning Work

Our work has been recognized as some of the best in the country, garnering awards from a diverse number of organizations: Marketing Bestsellers Magazine, the Distilled Spirits Council, Dynamic Graphics, Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Consolidated Papers, FNAME and the Printing Industry Association, to name but a few. In addition, Owner and Creative Director Bill Wilson is a five-time Biographee in Who's Who as recognition for his career in magazine development.


We look forward to applying this creative talent to the development of innovative and effective advertising, marketing, interactive website design, and promotional materials for you.